9bark DESIGN Landscape Architecture

Strong planning is key to success in any project you undertake.  Our approach looks at the big picture.  We develop a design program based on the information we hear from you at our initial meeting.   We develop a plan to guide the installation whether it is built in one phase or several phases over time.

INITIAL MEETING:  We discuss the scope of your project, ask about your priorities, what you like & dislike, how you will use your outdoor spaces, what budget you have allotted for your project. Based upon this information, we will provide a proposal with our design fee.  Once approved, we get started!

SITE INVENTORY/ANALYSIS:  We document the existing features of your property and its surrounding context.  We look at the architecture, sun & wind exposure, soils & slopes. We take a photographic survey to record all of the features on & surrounding your property. At times, an engineered survey is needed to provide an accurate base from which to work.

PRELIMINARY PLAN:  Because a strong foundation is important to a successful design, we devote a lot of time to design studies in the beginning.  We explore the various ways the design of your project might unfold and develop a preliminary plan that often offers 2 alternative design approaches.  We can then discuss what appeals to you, what your preference is, and then take that information to create the final landscape plan.  We also create image boards to illustrate the design elements such as paving materials, overhead structures and other landscape elements proposed in the preliminary plan.

FINAL PLAN:  In this phase, the design is refined, all materials and plants are specified. The final drawing set may consist of one drawing or several drawings as needed to communicate to the landscape contractor all the aspects of your project.  We also create image boards of the plants specified for your project to provide you a reference as your garden grows.

INSTALLATION:  Our involvement and communication with the client and landscape contractor is key to creating a superior project.  It is important to ensure that the intent and integrity of the design is followed after all of the thought and preparation.  We do this by making site visits at certain stages  during construction to review the progress.  Our approach as a member of the design/build team helps ensure that the artistic vision is not lost in translation.

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 Landscape Drawing - Landscape Design


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